TPD – Specialized drawing management module, integrated into TP.AIM system. Electronic drawings in different formats after a conversion to a unified TPD format are available to all systems users directly from the module. TPD drawings can be used as standalone application with a personal database or as a part of TP.AIM system.

TechPro group has developed TPD module which allows making any kind of drawing and schemes available to each TP.AIM system user. Before loading the drawing into the system, it undergoes the conversion to the unified TPD format procedure.

Typically technological schemes of industrial companies are accessible to only a limited number of users. It is a direct result of the unavailability of electronic drawing format due to high software license prices or drawings in paper or PDF format.

Example No1 of standalone TPD drawing viewer: Interactive LDAR Inspection Data Management and Repair Orders


Example No2 of standalone TPD drawing viewer: Smart LDAR Monitoring Data Management



The key features and application areas of the TPD viewer:

TPD module in TP.AIM could be used for convenient navigation through an entire facility and access any object in the database quickly and easily. In this case, engineering drawings can be used for the control of technological process, maintenance, repair planning, design and redesign of technological units, personal training and data visualization. It is possible to use the TPD viewer as a standalone application with reduced version of the database.

Currently 5 types of converters are developed:

  • Intergraph SmartPlant Drawings converter
  • AutoCAD converter
  • Microsoft Visio converter
  • PDF/Vector&Bitmap image converter
  • Panoramic photos&maps converter

Example No3 of standalone TPD drawing viewer: Panoramic TPD photo with LDAR Monitoring points


Example No4 of standalone TPD drawing viewer: Scanned .pdf file shapes automatic recognition and electronic tagging


Follow the link to download the latest standalone TPD Viewer version (the link is valid for Internet Explorer only):

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