Techniniai projektai is providing LDAR (Leak detection and repair) and Smart LDAR monitoring services as well as Fugitive emission assessments in accordance with EPA-21 methods.

Fugitive emission monitoring services:

  • EPA Quantitative leak detection and estimation Method 21 method (Thermofisher TVA2020);
  • Qualitative Optical imaging leak detection method (FLIR camera GF320);
  • Direct qualitative measurement method for gaseous medias (Hi Flow Sampler).


TP.LDAR module is intended for full process of LDAR data management control starting with electronic components tagging on schemes and finishing with LDAR data analysis and reports.

TP.LDAR module allows performing following actions quickly and easily:

  • Electronic tagging and auto numbering of components on P&ID schemes or schemes in other electronic format;
  • Streams mark-up by pipeline number, stream number, stream fluid code or other criteria on P&ID, PFD or schemes in other electronic format;
  • LDAR database components grouping by type, type of service, stream composition, percentage of qualified substance and other technological parameter;
  • Full equipment lists and monitoring points preparation from LDAR database;
  • Monitoring values and single component leakage history management;
  • Critical components automatic mark-up on P&ID schemes or schemes in other electronic format.
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