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Techniniai projektai company has developed specialized Asset Integrity Management system TP.AIM for asset lifecycle and Maintenance Management. The system allows achieving high efficiency in asset management processes throughout the whole asset lifecycle.


System has been developed for specific types of assets: heat exchangers, columns, pipelines, pumps and motors, flange, valve or other asset type. Functionality includes: asset management, classifications and location management, specifications and related technical documentation management, work management, low level asset integrity management, data migration management, material management and drawing management. TP.AIM includes six main management modules in an enhanced service-oriented architecture.

We are official partners of Microsoft and IBM.





TP CMMS Preventive maintenance process management, including work requests, work orders, work plans, work management process workflows, work planning and scheduling, failure codes classification, condition monitoring, material management.

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TP.LDAR module is intended for full process of LDAR data management control starting with electronic components tagging on schemes and finishing with LDAR data analysis and reports. TP.LDAR module allows performing LDAR monitoring data management quickly and easily.

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TPD – Specialized drawing management module, integrated into TP.AIM system. Electronic drawings in different formats after a conversion to a unified TPD format are available to all systems users directly from the module. TPD drawings can be used as standalone application with a personal database or as a part of TP.AIM system.

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TP.LLA module is an additional Low Level Asset Integrity management module. The module is specifically developed for flange, valve and piping components management activities which are not included in the standard CMMS systems.

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Techpro Group is providing custom digital asset management services for Data governance, analysis and Migration of Databases of Enterprise resource management software; Large standalone databases of materials, maintenance data, technological information, etc.; Financial databases.

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TP.MMS is specialized module for following material management problems such as: parts duplications, obsolete parts in the warehouse, lack of effective search in the existing material management system and orders of incorrect parts.

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